MZ-Systems GmbH

Enhancements and additions to the ergoRacer®


Evaluation in numbers in the diary and in the graphical representation

Additional expenses:
- average percent slope of the sum of the increases
  Sum of the increases in % of the total distance

- average percent slope of the sum of the increases
  with a slope > slope limit (2.00%)


In sub-area single trip also show the theoretical power
In the graphical representation of a trip, the sum evaluation of a partial area is selected.

Left click on CT Power: Average power for theoretical portion.

Right-click on CT Power will calculate the theoretical power and shown in the graphic.
Right-click with holding:
Ctrl key allows entry of basic data for power calculations.
Shift key determines the theoretical power over the entire drive and displays them.


You can see the behavior of torque / Trittfreuqenz in the form of a point cloud.The red point represents the mean of the point cloud dar.

It presents the training areas.



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