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The company MZ-Systems GmbH exist since 1978. Our business focus is analysingperformance data and the graphical display of data.
In mid 2005 our company began a co-operation with the company SG SensortechnikGmbH & Co. KG, who developed and distributed the ergomo® power meter.Mr. Moos, our CEO, wrote the firmware and software for the ergomo® computer.
He himself enjoys riding the bike and so he equipped his own bike with theergomo® system. To analyse his trips, he started to develop analysing softwareearly 2006. He presented this software during a meeting with the ergomo®Coaching Center (ECC) in August 2006. They were already looking for a new solutionfor an analysing software. They were really happy about his innovativeapproach. Since October 2006 he continued developing the software under licence for SGSensortechnik GmbH & Co. KG. The first delivery of thesoftware ergoRacer® together with the ergomo® system was in June 2007.Since June 2008 the ergoRacer® has developed independently. Planed futuredevelopments also include the compatibility with further devices fromcompanies like GARMIN, POLAR, SRM, SUUNTO, CICLOSPORT, VDO, CYCLEOPS, SIGMA und QUARQ.
If the implementation will be successful, ergoRacer® users will soon have an extensive analyse tool at their disposal.This will allow them to manage multiple devices within one single program.

If you have any questions or you need more information about ergoRacer®, don't hesitate to contact us via Mail.

ergomo® Coaching Center are coaches, performance diagnostician, sports physicans with a specific quality,who supporting the athletes with a ergomo® system.

New evaluations / additions in ergoRacer:

Program year comparison:
  • up by several years the data over.

Compatible with following devices:
  • ergomo®
  • GARMIN® edge500/800 (.fit)
  • GARMIN® forerunner310XT (.fit)
  • GARMIN® edge705 (.tcx)
  • POLAR® (.hrm)
  • SRM® V7 (.srm)

We offer:
  • ergomo®-Computer Service
  • New Firmware Update for the ergomo®
    - with running function
    - with performance test

Contact via mail  MZ-Systems Micro-Computer-Entwicklung (Hard- und Software) GmbH    Fon: +49 (0) 6151 - 14 54 99